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Started as a small town taxi ten years ago, our target customers were the seniors of our community who had no means of getting around. The area offered no public transportation and taxi service from larger communities was very limited. Serving others was our goal.

Our motto was "taking you where you want to go." Over the years our company has grown to include a team of dedicated drivers in a variety of vehicles. We cover all of South Central Wisconsin.

Our goal is to be the premier para-transit company and safety is our top priority. We transported over 24,000 people last year alone.

The goals and ideals that we began with ten years ago, still hold true today. We are still taking you where you want to go.

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Where do you want to go?

We aren’t just your average taxi service. We are equipped with wheelchair accessible vans and a trained staff to ensure you, or a loved one, safely get to where you need to go. We have a passion for helping others who cannot easily get around themselves. Our drivers are available weekends and holidays by appointment only. Taking South Central Wisconsin wherever they want to go!